Calculation of Data Within CompareΒΆ

The \f command works like the f command in G7. The original motivation for the \f command was to create variables that could be used later in the Compare table, or to create intermediate variables to be used in further \f calculations.

\f <name> = <expression>
This command is parallel to the f command in G7. The format is exactly the same as in G7. The \f command works by creating a “Compare workspace bank” for each simulation or databank that is being compared. The name of each bank is of the form “CWSx.BNK”, where “x” is the number of the simulation, starting at zero. Therefore, after making a Compare table with simulations and using the \f command in the process, there should be banks CWS0.BNK, CWS1.BNK, CWS2.BNK, and CWS3.BNK in your directory. They will contain any series created with the \f command. When Compare is looking for a series, it checks first in the Compare workspace bank to see if the series has been put there by a \f command. Then it checks the corresponding simulation bank.

At present, the Compare workspace banks are not created until the first use of the \f command, and the banks remain in use after Compare is finished. The banks can be assigned within G7 just like any other workspace bank, so you may find further uses for them beyond what originally was intended.

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