Groups in CompareΒΆ

Compare is been able to use group expressions in @csum() functions, including the named groups that may be used in G7. Named groups are created by running G7 or the Fixer program, which creates a groups file called GROUPS.BIN. If a GROUPS.BIN file is in the current directory, then Compare will read it and store the group definitions in that file. For example, if the Fixer input file was VECFIX.VFX, and it had as input:

group Manufacturing

then the group called “Manufacturing” would be created and stored in GROUPS.BIN. This then could be used in the Compare @csum() function in a stub file:

@csum(emp,:Manufacturing) ; Manufacturing employment

Note that a colon (‘:’) is given as a prefix for the group name.

Some other commands that can be used for checking the groups defined in the GROUPS.BIN file are useful for working with Vam files.

This will print a list of the currently-defined groups to the screen.
\glist <groupname>
If <groupname> is one of the groups printed in the list above, then this command will print those sectors or categories comprising the group.

Note that neither of these commands affects the output of the table, but are used only to provide infomation to the screen.

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