Commands Used With Vam FilesΒΆ

Note that when printing a table of series from Interdyme, it usually is advantageous to issue the \load command before printing the vector. This loads the data for the entire vector into memory and allows much faster processing. Also, note that you can print time series of matrix elements in Compare. To print the values of the A-matrix for row 1, column 1, you would insert the series name “am1.1”, where “am” is the name given to the A-matrix in the Interdyme VAM.CFG file. Note the dot that separates the row and the column.

\load <vectorname>
This command can be useful when using Compare to print tables of vector variables, for example if you are printing a table of many industries or sectors for the same vector. Use of this command might allow a significant increase in speed.
\matlist <groupdef>
This command tells Compare to print a matrix listing. Note that this command only works on a vam file, and the program will complain about any other type of file. The group definition can be a simple list of sectors, or it can include ranges of sectors specified by two sector numbers separated by a dash. Sectors or intervals in parentheses will be excluded.


\matlist 20 24 30-50 (41 45 46-48)

would perform a matrix listing for sectors 20,24, 30 through 50, with 41, 45, and 46 through 48 excluded.

This command is to be given before requesting the matrix listing. It specifies that a row listing is to be printed.
This command specifies that a column listing is to be printed, and also must be given before the \matlist command.
\cutoff <cutoff ratio> [<year>]
This command specifies the cutoff, in as a ratio in terms of output, for what flows to print. For example “\cutoff 0.005” says to print all flows that are greater than 0.5% of output. You can specify the cutoff year (optional), and then the data for that year will be used to determine if the line should be printed in the matrix listing or not.
\cd <number>
\coefdecs <number>
This command really is relevant only for matrix listings, as it allows you to specify how many decimal places to use for the display of I-O coefficients.
This command is used to turn off “seller titles” in matrix listings. In some cases, the matrix listing is used to print detailed flows from a matrix identity other than the typical buyer or seller listing. An example would be a table of flows of employment by occupation.
This command, also for matrix listings for Interdyme, will suppress the printing of subtotals at the bottom of a matrix listing section. This is useful when the items of the matrix already include aggregates, where calculating a subtotal would imply double counting.
\mc <filename>
\matcfg <filename>
This option allows you to specify a different configuration file for a matrix listing besides the normal “MATLIST.CFG”. The matlist configuration file specifies the matrix identity that the matrix listing will summarize. In a complicated model with many matrix identities, such as a regional model, you may need many alternative configuration files. This command allows you to switch easily between these files.

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