G7: New for 2007

We summarize here the work on a variety of extensions to G7 that were completed in 2007, along with a number of other improvements. The work leaves G7 more reliable and powerful, simultaneously lessening the burden on the model builder while extending his capabilities. In addition, these G7 help files and the G7 Reference Manual have been extended and updated. This new documentation better reports the capabilities of G7 and guides the model builder through difficult steps of data development. Please find a full report on recent improvments written by Ronald Horst, entitled IT at Inforum in 2007, on the Inforum web site.

Improvements include:

  • New regression tools for Industry Data: the eqpunch, ipch, tpch, punch, and titpch commands.
  • New G7 Functions: @if, @yoy, @ggr, @min, @max, @qchwt, and @pchwt functions.
  • An extention to the vf command: new inline date capability.
  • Saving text: now append text to file with the catch and save routines.
  • Dumping data: new options for the matty and save commands to print data as text in compact formats.
  • Creating series from spreadsheet input: an extension to G7‘s spreadsheet interface.
  • Incremental adjustment of dates: extensions to the fdates routine and limit routine.
  • Error handling: new capabilities for the user to manage errors.
  • More arguments: the maximum number of arguments for the do loop, add command, and other routines has been increased.
  • Table displays: Specify parameters to control the display of data in the show command window.

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