G7: New for 2008ΒΆ

Work in 2008 focused on fixing bugs and adding a few useful features. In addition, these G7 Help files and the G7 Reference Manual Reference Manual have been extended and updated. This new documentation better describes the capabilities of G7 and guides the model builder through difficult steps of data development. Please find a full report on recent improvemnets written by Ronald Horst, entitled A Software Development Summary for the 2008 Inforum World Conference, on the Inforum web site. Finally, we launched a new section of the Inforum web site to host demo scripts and how-to files for G7.

New features for G7 include:

  • New G7 functions and features: @<high>to<low>, @<high>to<low>e, @<high>to<low>s, @<high>to<low>max, @<high>to<low>min, @bmk, and @hpfilter.
  • Several powerful extensions to the vmake command.
  • Improved fadd command: the maximum number of arguments for the fadd command has been increased, along with other improvements.
  • New if-else tests and other flow control capabilities.

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