G7: New for 2009ΒΆ

Work in 2009 focused on fixing bugs, extending several features that recently were introduced, and adding a few new features. The G7 Help files and the G7 Reference Manual Reference Manual also have been revised and updated. Several new demos have been added to the demo section of the Inforum web site to display the capabilities of G7.

New features for G7 include:

  • Improved the listing of series contained in data banks. Added the ability to sort the series names as they are printed.
  • Introduced sophisticated new algorithm for forming groups. This affects all routines that employ groups, including the add function, the group routine, do loops, xl routines, many Vam routines, and others. The routine allows additional flexibility, reliability, and the capability to include named groups or specify spreadsheet column groups.
  • Added the capability to include short messages with the pause command.
  • Extended the capability of the if-else flow control routines by introducing the eval(<expression>,<date>) function to extracts a value from a G7 data bank.
  • Extended the spreadsheet interface. Enable creation of new documents and worksheets. Added the ability to save spreadsheets with a command from G7. Added capability to name worksheets and to set column widths. Added the ability to read and write in any direction. Improved the recognition of Excel error codes.
  • Editor improvements: Enabled redo capability. Enabled the user to select a file name in the text and to open the file in a new editor window. Improved the editor menu. When the text is not saved and the G7 window is closed, the editor will prompt for saving; if the user cancels, G7 now will stay open, thus avoiding the loss of data.
  • Main G7 window: Improved the G7 menus and tool bar.
  • Font dialogs: Implement font dialog for graphs. Improve saving of font settings for the G7 window, editor, and graphs.
  • Improved the bank open dialog.
  • Changed File | Directory and Change Folder button to load the current working directory when the dialogs open; previously, they loaded the location of G7.exe.
  • Improved the interface for generating tables.
  • Reworked GUI control of InterDyme models, including the interfaces for IdBuild, Fixer, MacFixer, Run Dyme, Tables, and Express Tables. Implemented control of each auxiliary program through batch files, thus giving the user additional ability to control those operations. InterDyme models now may be run simply by typing F8.
  • Several new G7 functions have been added to compute standard deviations, various growth rates, and to make other calculations with time series data.

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