G7: New for 2011ΒΆ

Work in 2011 provided some important new features, improvements to existing features, and a variety of bug fixes. The G7 Help files and the G7 Reference Manual also have been revised and updated. Several new routines have been added to the Software Demonstrations section of the Inforum web site to display the capabilities of G7.

The most important new capabilities are these:

  • Many new keywords and functions have been defined. A page in these Help files provides details on G7 variables, keywords, and functions.
  • The G7 tools for creating and manipulating strings have been thoroughly redesigned and many extensions have been added.
  • A new family of resector commands corresponding to the ReSector class in InterDyme has been introduced.
  • New ability to parse arbitrary text files using the string command.
  • Many new functions for manipulating text, performing simple calculations, and new keywords.

New graphical features and improvements for G7 include:

  • In the main G7 window, there now is a command cache to record the entries into the command box. The command history may be displayed, replayed, or cleared using the main menu.

New and modified commands for the G7 scripting language include:

  • The vector calculate (vc) command now becomes more consistent with the f and vf commands with the added ability to set fdates command temporarily.
  • New pmmode command controls the linking of Vam banks to packed matrix binary files.
  • The dos command that executes system commands from G7 offers improvesd reliability and scripting capability.
  • New ‘<’ and ‘>’ operations to the mmult command to select the greater or lesser elements of two matrices.
  • In the mmult command, either right-hand-side argument now may be a constant.
  • New controls are available for the function command, where the function command allows users to record and execute sequences of commands. The implementation of the routine is improved to allow superior recursive techniques to be employed.

Note that the Visual C++ Redistributable package must be installed in order to use some of the newest features. The VC++ installer should be available at C:\PDG\C++Install. Run this installer (run as Administrator if using Vista or Windows 7) before attempting to run the demo routines for strings or the resector tools.

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