G7: New for 2014ΒΆ

Work in 2014 provided a few new features, improvements to existing features, and a variety of bug fixes. The most important improvements and new capabilities provided in the G7 software are these:

  • Improved Documentation: The G7 documentation was revised heavily in 2012 and has been updated in 2014, with new Help files, Users’ Guide, Reference Manual, Tutorial, and other documentation. Companion documents in HTML and PDF formats also were updated. In particular, recent software improvements and extensions have been added, and cross reference hyperlinks have been added to the Reference Manual.

  • Excel Interface Improvements:

    1. Added xl gridlines command to control the display and color of worksheet gridlines.
    2. Added xl border command to set cell borders for a given area, including color, weight, style, and position.
    3. Added the optional color specification RGB(int1,int2,int3) for all xl color settings.
    4. Added the xl printer command to set page orientation and print area, and also the ability to print directly.
    5. Extended existing routines to select and control graph sheets in addition to worksheets. These include the xl open, xl create, and xl name commands.
    6. Added the xl graph title command to set or recover a title after the graph has been created. In addition, the title font may be specified.
    7. Modified the xl create command to allow the new sheet to be placed either before or after the currently-active sheet.
    8. Added conditional formatting capability with the xl cf command.
  • Strings, Functions, and Keywords:

    1. Allow multiple series to be specified in the del command.
    2. Added a str store args <root> command to store function or add-file arguments to strings named root1, root2, ....
    3. Improved the %eliteral() routine so that it can be applied more widely.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements and Bug Fixes:

    1. Eliminated graph width problems in the G7 graph command that appeared when displaying long time series.
    2. Fixed problems in the freq command, added frequency checks to the ls command, and prevented the ls command from changing the frequency of a series.

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