An Introduction to G7ΒΆ

G7 is a data base, regression, and econometric model-building program for Windows. It is designed to estimate regression equations with annual, quarterly, or monthly time-series data. G7 takes its name from Carl Friedrich Gauss, the originator of the method of least squares. The G7 project is maintained at the University of Maryland, but is supported by contributions of Inforum colleagues around the world. Please visit the Inforum web site for more information and the latest version of the G7 software. The latest edition of these help files and additional documentation also may be found there. Please report any problems with the software, and please send questions and comments by email to the Inforum webmaster.

Serveral sources of information are available for G7. These include the G7 Help Files that include the G7 User Guide and Reference Manual, the G7 Tutorial, and the Software Demonstrations routines that are available from the Inforum web site.

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