G7 Commands: BΒΆ

(ba)nk <bankname> [<location>]

This command assigns a G7 workspace style bank (.BNK, .IND). The workspace style banks are the simplest type of bank in G7, and can be created by copying the files WS.BNK and WS.IND to two files with a different root name. If <location> is not given, it is assumed to be ‘a’, which is the first slot. Up to 25 data banks of the various types may be assigned, in positions ‘a’ through ‘z’ (except ‘w’).

In G7, the equivalent function can also be reached via the Bank, Assign menu item, and choosing Files of type “Workspace bank.”


bank mybank
ba h:\idlift\model\dyme d

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bj <q> <y> = <x1>, [<x2>,] ..., [<xn>]

The “bj” command performs a Box-Jenkins estimation for autoregressive moving average models. Here q is the number of lags in the moving average error terms, e.g., with q = 2, u[t] = e[t] + b1e[t-1] + b2e[t-2]. This <q> must be no more than 4. The program will only check for the stability of the solution if q <= 2. No more than 10 independent variables are allowed at the current time.

At each iteration of the “Newtonian” non-linear regression algorithm, you will be allowed to intervene to try new values for the theta’s, the coefficients for the moving average of error terms. If “save” is on, the first and the final equation will be in the ”.SAV” file with the theta values appearing as coeffients of “theta”. These must be removed before building with Build.


bj 2 vif$ = vif$[1], vif$[2]

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The “break” command terminates execution of an add file. If an add file calls a second add file, and the second contains the break command, then upon processing the break command G7 will return to the first add file.
(bt)itle <ws | [a-z]> [<title>]

The btitle command will report the title of either the assigned bank or of the bank in location ‘a’ through ‘z’. If you ask for the title of a location that has no bank assigned, G7 will print an error message.

The btitle command also allows you to change the title of the workspace bank. After specifying the bank letter, simply provide the desired title title.

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(bu)pdate <x> = <y>

The bupdate (bank update) command starts with a series <x> from the workspace bank, updates it with non-zero entries from the series <y> in the assigned bank, and replaces the series <x> in the workspace bank.

If <x> was not in the workspace previously, the bupdate will put it there with values from the assigned bank. Note that <y> may be an expression.

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