G7 Commands: QΒΆ

qpcon b <sign> [constant][*]ai [< > [constant][*] aj ...]

This command establishes constraints on parameters for a linear regression equation. <sign> is ‘<’, ‘=’, or ‘>’ (“<=” and “>=” also are accepted but are recorded as strict inequality constraints). <constant> terms are optional scalar multiples for the respective parameters. An asterisk may be included to clarify that the parameters are multiplied by the corresponding constant. The parameters are denoted by <ai>, where ‘i’ is the position in the regression equation of the corresponding variable. If a constant is included in the regression, then the parameters are denoted as a1, a2, .... Right-hand-side terms are separated by either a ‘+’ or ‘-‘.


qpcon 25.0 > a1          # constrain the constant
qpcon 13.0 = 1*a2 + 1*a3 # constrain the sum of slope parameters

  Related Topics: Soft Constraints, :ref:`con <G7RMcon>`
This command quits the execution of G7. Note that if any editor windows are open, they will be closed. If you have any unsaved changes in these files, G7 will ask you if you want to save the file. Also, before exiting G7 will store the workspace bank to file.

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