G7 Commands: YΒΆ

yearformat(yf) <format>
G7 solved the “year 2000” problem long ago, by representing the year 2000 as “100”, 2010 as “110” and so on. However, more recent versions of G7 are even smarter, in that they can take either a 2-digit or 4-digit date, and convert it internally into a “G Date”.

You can provide control over how you would like these dates to print out in print, matpr or graph commands by using the yearformat (yf) command.

The possible values for <format> are:

4:All dates 4-digit, i.e. 1977, 2000, 2005
3:2 or 3 digit dates, 77, 100, 105
2:All dates 2-digit, i.e. 77, 00, 05

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