G7 Commands: ZΒΆ

zap [<baseyr>] [<starting period>] [<nobservations>]
The zap command is used to delete the old workspace bank and create a new bank with the name specified in G.CFG. The three arguments are optional. If they are given, then they override the corresponding values in G.CFG.

If <baseyr> is given, it will override the line labeled “Default base year of workspace file. If <starting period> is given, it will override the line labeled “First month covered”, or “First period covered”. If <nobservations> is given, it will override the line labeled “Default maximum number of observations per series in workspace bank”.

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After the zip command has been given, the program will not pause after regression commands. It particularly is useful for rapid re-estimation of an entire model when data have been updated. The command to turn off zip is “zip off”.

The zip command is used in production mode when you are sure that your add files of regressions or other procedures is correct and you want to run a large job in batch mode with no pauses or interruptions. For example, when creating many graphics files, you may turn on autoprint and use zip. It also is used when creating large equation parameter files using the punch and ipch command for Interdyme models.

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