Using the G7 EditorΒΆ

Add files simply are text files. You can look at one, change it, or create a new one within G7 by using the edit command, which may be abbreviated as ed. For example, if you had a show file called GDP.SH that showed various components of gdp, you could edit it with:


in the command box. This will start the G7 editor, opening a window at the upper right of the screen as shown in the figure below. The G7 editor is a complete text editor, allowing you to examine and modify any text file, create new text files, and save your results.

You can use this editor to build a G7 add file by typing in lines of commands. To save your work, click Save on the menu bar and give the file a name. You then can execute the commands in the file in G7, without closing the editor, by clicking on Run on the editor’s menu bar or by hitting the F9 function key while the cursor is in the editor.

Clicking the editorButton button on the button bar in the main G7 window will start the editor, just as if you typed “ed filename” in the command box.

G7 Editor, with GDP.SH File

G7 Editor, with GDP.SH File

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