Where to Go to Learn MoreΒΆ

A fairly complete reference book on G7 can be found at www.inforum.umd.edu/papers/inforum/software/GREF.pdf.

A somewhat outdated, though still useful, FAQ on G7 can be found at www.inforum.umd.edu/software/gfaq.html.

The Craft of Economic Modeling, Volumes 1-3, by Clopper Almon are available online in PDF form at www.inforum.umd.edu/papers/TheCraft.html.

Please see the G7 page on the Inforum web site for software updates and the latest documentation. In addition to the Help files, the G7 Reference Manual, and the G7 Tutorial, please also see and the demonstration programs offered there.

You can find contact information for software support on the Inforum web site. Please send questions and concerns by email to the Inforum webmaster.

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