The G7 Command ReferenceΒΆ

There are currently over 130 G7 commands. These can be grouped into several categories as listed below.

The Basic 11 G7 Commands
Learn these commands first; they are used most frequently.
This section covers the conventions used in this reference.
This section discusses the use of annual, quarterly and monthly dates in G7.
Assigned Data Banks
Discusses the distinctions between the various kinds of banks in G7, and the use of the Workspace Bank.
Forming Variables
This section discusses how to use the f command to form new variables as functions or expressions of existing variables.
This section describes the various functions available with G7.
Command Files, Groups, and Do Lists
This section discusses how to use the add command, the fadd command, and related commands to automate your work.
Read Data
How to read data into G7.
Write ASCII Data
Write ASCII files containing G7 data.
Writing Data To Lotus WK1 Files
Write many G7 series to a WK1 file.
Making Tables
Make tables of G7 banks using Compare.
Drawing Graphs
Discusses how to make various kinds of graphs using G7, including how to save them as files and print them.
Ordinary Regression
How to use the (r)egress command to do a simple linear regression.
Soft Constraints
Use soft constraints to impose a priori expectations on estimated coefficients.
Distributed Lags
How to easily estimate distributed lags, including Almon lags.
Regression Tests
Special types of hypothesis tests available in G7.
Use of the Hildreth-Lu command for autocorrelation corrections.
Use of ARIMA and Box-Jenkins techniques.
Use of Seemingly Unrelated Regressions.
Miscellaneous topics not covered elsewhere.
Non-linear Regression
A few non-linear estimation techniques available in G7.
2SLS and 3SLS
How to use two-stage and three-stage least squares in G7.
Model Building
This is one of G7‘s strong points! How to use G7 for building models using Build and InterDyme.
The Workspace Bank
Various tricks related to the use of the G7 workspace bank.
C Regression
How to do pooled regression in G7.

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