Command Files and the G7 EditorΒΆ

In order to save your work, you should put the commands necessary to do regressions into text files and then execute (or add) those files. To put them into a file, open the G7 editor. Click File | Editor from the main menu and a simple editor opens in the upper right screen. Type into it

lim 1975.1 1999.2

On the Editor’s menu, select File | Save As, and save the file with the name VFR.REG. Now, go back to the main window, and do File | Execute and in the dialog box select the name of the file and then click the OK buton, or type in the name and tap ‘Enter’. Either way, you now should see the results and be faced with a dialog box demanding to know what you want to be done with the graph. For the moment, click the Continue button.

A second way to execute the VFR.REG file is to enter the commands

add vfR.reg
ti Gross Private Domestic Fixed Investment
f d = gdpR - gdpR[1]
f replace = 0.05*@cum(stockf, vfR[4], 0.05)
r vfR = replace,d[1],d[2],d[3],d[4],d[5],d[6],d[7],d[8],d[9],d[10],d[11]
gr *

in the white command box command box in the main G7 window. The results are exactly the same.

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