Command Files Within Command FilesΒΆ

The next step is to use add files within add files. Look at the RUNALL.REG file for the AMI model with the editor. You will find

add vfR.reg
add viR.reg
add fiR.reg

Adding or executing this one file will cause three other files to be executed. Try it. After the first graph has been drawn, you will find that the program stops and demands what you want to do with the graph. The simplest answer is to click the “Cont.” button to continue the add file, throwing away the graph. Next to it on the right is the “Stop” button, which exits from the add file. Further to the right are the “Max” and “Normal” buttons that blow up the graph to fill the full screen and restore it to its normal size, respectively. Then comes the “Save” button, which saves the graph to the file specified by a previous gname command.

For the use of arguments with add commands, see the section below on G7 features for multisectoral modeling.

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