The Ctrl CommandΒΆ

The ctrl command uses proportional scaling to scale a group of series in the workspace or in a lettered bank that have a common root name (such as exp1, exp2, ... , expn) to the value of a control variable. The command is:

ctrl <x> <rootname> <group>


x:is the control variable.
rootname:is the first part of the name of a group of sectors.
control:is imposed over the period specified by the current fdates.

For example, the call

ctrl tot out (1-10 (4-7) 13 15)

would impose the values of series tot as a control total on the group of sectors whose root name is out, i.e. sectors 1 to 10, except for 4 through 7, and then 13 and 15.

Note that all results will be stored in the workspace. For example, if the out vector in bank a is controlled, the resulting scaled series out1, out2, ..., will be added to the workspace but the vector in bank a will not be modified. To store the results in the vector, use the vf command.

To scale a vector, or part of a vector, or a row or column of a matrix to given levels, use the scale command.

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