VamToG – Creating a G7 bank From Series in a Vam File

Like Vam2Vam, VamToG is a convenient way for getting data from a Vam file, in this case, into a G7 “ws”-type bank. The operation of this program is controlled by a configuration file, named VAMTOG.CFG. Note that G7 easily can copy data from a Vam bank to a “ws”-type bank, and use of G7 might prove more convenient.

A sample file is shown below.

Root name of Vam File; hist
Root name of destination *G7* bank; imp
Starting Date for data transfer; 1972
Ending Date for data transfer; 1994
Base Year of *G7* databank; 1955
First period covered; 1
Maximum number of observations;60
Data requests ; im ex out def fpi fpe

In this particular example, the source Vam file is HIST.VAM and the destination G bank is IMP.BNK. The data from 1972 to 1994 will be transferred. The G bank will have a base year of 1955, starting period of 1, and series vectors of length 60. The vectors im, ex, out, def, fpi, and fpe will be transferred.

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