Data and Forecasts

Inforum provides a wide variety of economic forecasts tailored to the needs of its research sponsors. Inforum also collects and develops data, both to aid model building and assist its sponsors.

  • Macroeconomic - Macroeconomic forecasts provide data on GDP, inflation, wages, unemployment, imports, and exports.
  • Industry - Industry forecasts provide valuable information for specific industries. These variables include future production, consumption, imports, exports, and labor costs.
  • Input-Output - I-O tables, bridge matrices, and associated historical data and projections.
  • Demographic - The Demographic Projection Model provides population forecasts to the year 2080 based on assumptions about fertility rates, survival rates, immigration, and population levels in the economy
  • Occupational - Inforum forecasts employment in 341 occupations.
  • International - Inforum has developed an international system of 13 detailed country models that are linked through trade flows and prices for each industry.
  • Resources for Business Analysis - Inforum provides sales forecasts, industry forecasts, macroeconomic forecasts, and special studies.
  • Detailed NAICS Industry Sales Forecast - Inforum provides annual NAICS-based industry sales forecasts that generally are consistent with Inforum product output forecasts.

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