Products and Services

Inforum conducts research for a variety of sponsors, including federal agencies, private companies, and non-profit organizations. A summary of recent projects and sponsors is available here.

Forecasting - Inforum provides a wide variety of economic forecasts tailored to the needs of its research sponsors. Forecasts include macroeconomic, industry, demographic, occupational, and international.

Research and Policy Analysis - The needs of research sponsors sometimes go beyond a standard forecast. Inforum provides special studies and policy analysis.

Models - Inforum's fleet of models includes macroeconomic models, macro-industry models, international models, and a demographics model. Additional work includes regional models and specialized industry models. Other specialized models are constructed as needed.

Health Care - Inform provides economic and policy analysis for the health care industry, including the government-sponsored Medicare program. This 2014 article presents historical analysis using input-output data and the Lift model. Additional information concerning health care analysis may be found under Research and Policy Analysis.

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