Software Downloads

To install G7 on a machine for the first time, please follow the instructions on the G7 page. The PDG installation program will provide you with a complete software package. In some cases, newer versions of specific programs may be available. These versions often are intended for testing, and are not yet available as part of the PDG installation package. In other cases, older versions of programs may be offered for download. You may download these versions by clicking the hyperlinks below; beta versions are marked "Development," and older versions are marked "Archive." Please save the program to the C:\PDG directory on your machine. If you do not have a C:\PDG directory, then please first install the full PDG software package. After downloading the binary files, including any zipped files, first right-click on the file icon, select Properties, and click Unblock; this must be done before extracting the zipped file or executing the program. If you have trouble unblocking the file, see this blog post for help. Please see the Documentation page for updates to the G7 Help files and other materials.

Program Version Release Date New Features
PDG - Beta 7.3893 August 18, 2015  
PDG - Stable 7.3892 August 1, 2015  
PDG - Archive 7.383 August 19, 2011  
G7 - Beta 7.3893 August 18, 2015 G7 Log
G7 - Stable 7.389 April 21, 2015 G7 Log
G7 - Archive 7.3842 March 3, 2012 G7 Log
Compare - Beta 6.597 July 29, 2015 Compare Log
Compare 6.596 February 19, 2015 Compare Log
Compare - Archive 6.592 August 23, 2012 Compare Log
IdBuild (for Optimization)
- Beta
6.115 August 20, 2013 IdBuild (Optimization) Log
IdBuild (for Optimization) 6.103 September 12 , 2007  
IdBuild 5.89 January 26, 2006  
MacFixer 1.63 November 2, 2007  
Fixer - Beta 1.82 August 24, 2011 Fixer Log
Fixer 1.80 April 14, 2006  
Banker 2.42 December 7, 2011 Banker Log

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